This second World Cup for Katie Schwarzmann feels different as her friendships are stronger with her teammates and she's worked harder than ever before to get here.

Mission Log: Katie Schwarzmann on Team USA's First World Cup Win

There is no better feeling than waking up and realizing… It’s gameday!

First, we are off to breakfast – time to fuel up the body! As expected, it consisted of a lot of toast, peanut butter and coffee for my caffeine-needing teammates.

After breakfast, it was time to prep our minds with a team session consisting of our scouting report and keys to success for today’s matchup. We were surprised with some more game day swag – a big thanks to Nike and everyone involved in creating the best shooting shirts ever!

Filled with excitement, a little bit of nerves and anxiety, it was time to go back to our flats to do last-minute preparations. We had a little down time to get our minds right before yet again… another fueling session at lunch.

Today was the opening round of pool play here in Guildford. We have been here for a week now – and it is finally time to play.

I love this team, I love these coaches and we love our country. It’s time to take care of business.

Game one against Scotland.

The nerves are out and it’s a new set of energy that has taken over. I am taking note of all the pregame rituals going on in the locker room. Kelly ties her bow, Bullard puts on her high socks, Dev and Gussie apply eye black, Tumolo dances and entertains the crowd, Douty puts on her double ankle braces, Becca is braiding everyone’s hair and Ally sits quietly waiting to take on the field.

We are all game ready.


All smiles... it's GAMEDAY!! #BUSA #rwlc17 cred: @robertshaw6

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It is hard to explain what the road looked like to get here. I remember my first World Cup in 2013 and walking onto the field in Canada thinking, “Is this really happening?” When we raised that trophy up on the last day, there was no greater feeling.

This time is different for me. I am older, my friendships with teammates are stronger and I’ve had to work harder than ever to make it to this point. The future isn’t guaranteed, so we need to make this moment count. I’ve never played with a more dedicated, selfless and exceptionally talented group in my life.

The national anthem comes on and the sense of pride is more than we could ever imagine. Hand in hand with our teammates, USA across our chest, our fans all here to support us – I love this team, I love these coaches and we love our country. It’s time to take care of business – let’s do this!

Great team effort. Great start. 1-0.

– Katie Schwarzmann
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Player Profile


Nickname: Shorty
Years with the U.S. Program: 7
U.S. Senior World Cup Teams: 2013 (Gold), 2017
Position: Midfield
College: Maryland 2013
Honors: Tewaaraton Winner (2012-13), IWLCA Midfielder of the Year (2011-13), ACC Rookie of the Year (2010), ACC Offensive Player of the Year (2012-13), ACC Tournament MVP (2012-13), IWLCA First Team All-American (2011-13), ACC Scholar Athlete (2013), National Champion (2010)
Hometown: Sykesville, Md.
Current Residence: Sykesville, Md.
Current Career: Business Analyst

What does playing for Team USA mean to you?

It is one of the best lacrosse experiences anyone could have. I am honored to play with some of the best players in the U.S. and the world. It’s hard to describe the feeling of playing for something bigger than yourself. Anytime you get the chance to represent your country, it’s special.


Team USA walks to the championship pitch donning the red, white and blue before being introduced as the reigning world champion.

Who inspired you to try out for Team USA?

My sister, Lauren Schwarzmann, was on the USA team when I tried out. My coaches at Maryland also encouraged me to give it a try!

When did you start playing lacrosse?

I started playing when I was 5 years old. I couldn’t wait until it was my turn to give it a try given I am the youngest of four children. I was taken to everyone's sporting events and my parents decided to put me in lacrosse, soccer and basketball as early as possible!

Who is your favorite lacrosse player?

Growing up in Maryland it became a habit to follow all their sports teams. So I would definitely say Jen Adams was my favorite lacrosse player. I loved coming to games and watching her creative style of play!

What is your go-to pregame meal?

I don’t have a go-to pregame meal but I would say I tend to go with something simple like a turkey sandwich or some sort of pasta. I love bread and carbs. I can't live without pasta. 

What is something that most people don't know about you?

Most people don’t know that as a kid I was afraid of everything – the dark, the lawnmower, dogs, being alone in the house… oh and all men besides my dad!

Is there one person who helped you the most to get you where you are today?

Cathy Reese, without a doubt! The amount of positivity, encouragement and confidence she instilled in me the second I stepped on campus was remarkable. I owe a lot of my successes to her and not only was she a great lacrosse coach, but more importantly a role model, mother, mentor and friend.

What's the best advice you received from a coach?

"Why run slow when you can run fast?" – Cathy Reese

What advice would you give young players who dream to reach your level?

Keep working at it. Keep dreaming big. Things that are worth it take time and effort. Sometimes you have to make things happen and that requires effort.

What advice would you give your 8th grade self?

Stay humble. Stay balanced. Continue to play as many sports as you can and want! It will make you a better lacrosse player. Remember that your academics are your No. 1 priority.

Follow the U.S. women's national team as it competes for gold in the 2017 Federation of International Lacrosse Women's World Cup in Guildford, England, and the 2017 IWGA World Games in Wroclaw, Poland. This "Mission Log" will continue throughout both events with each player providing insight on their journey.