Give & Go: U.S. Women's Star Meg Douty Vs. The Turf Monster


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When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a professional athlete. I played every sport you could think of.

Where did you go on your last vacation?

A family vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. My family makes it a tradition to travel after the holidays and this is one of our favorite spots. 

If you owned a boat, what would you name it?

My dad has always had a boat, ever since he was young, so currently we have a boat, and its name is “Selfish.” Our family owns a seafood business, so the name is play on words. If I had my own boat, I think I would call it something like “No Douty About It” or “Ain’t No Douty,” clever phrases teammates have created for me over the years. 

What was your most embarrassing moment on the lacrosse field?

First day of practice as a freshman at Maryland vs. Katie Haus (Schwarzmann). I tripped on the turf. The turf monster was getting the best of all of us freshmen. 

Who is your role model?

My best friend and business partner, Alex Marino. We always competed and pushed each other in high school. I continue to idolize her through fitness and our business.  

What website or app do you wish existed?

This is not an app, but I wish there was a way to mark text messages “unread,” like email. I always find myself reading a message and forgetting to get back to the person!

Have you ever been told you look like someone famous? Who?

I have been told I look like Rey from “Star Wars.”

Overtime (from John Ranagan)

What’s on your pre-game playlist?

I am not big on music. I can listen to anything. So pre-game, I listen to whatever is on in the locker room and try to balance my emotions and adrenaline.

Double Overtime (from @lindseyserafine_)

What’s it like having young female athletes look up to you?

It inspires me to work harder and set a good example in everything I do. 

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