World Lacrosse Welcomes Saudi Lacrosse as 70th Member

COLORADO SPRINGS — World Lacrosse, the international federation for men’s and women’s lacrosse, today reached another important milestone in its continued growth by welcoming the Saudi Lacrosse Federation (SLF) as its 70th member-National Governing Body.

The membership application from the Saudi Lacrosse Federation was overwhelmingly approved by a vote of the World Lacrosse membership, following unanimous recommendations from the World Lacrosse Development Committee and Board of Directors.

A key element in the membership application from the SLF is a commitment to work with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Sport to begin introducing lacrosse as part of the physical education curriculum for boys and girls in schools throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To further support growth of the game, the SLF plans to conduct player development camps in major cities across Saudi Arabia and identify Directors of Player and Coach Development to deliver educational and training courses.

Founded in 2020, the Saudi Lacrosse Federation is led by President Yazeeed AL Rasheed and Chief Executive Officer Amal AlGrafi. The SLF has already secured formal recognition from the Saudi Arabia Olympic Committee.

“The strategic vision and commitment reflected in the membership application from the Saudi Lacrosse Federation gives us tremendous confidence in its ability to support the growth of lacrosse not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but throughout the region by working in partnership with other organizations,” said World Lacrosse President Sue Redfern. “It is through the work of organizations such as the Saudi Lacrosse Federation that lacrosse continues to grow around the world, by turning awareness and interest into active participation.”

“We are confident that the addition of the SLF, paired with the support they have from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, will be an example and catalyst for growth in the region,” added Bob DeMarco, World Lacrosse Board of Directors Member and Development Director. “We look forward to working with the SLF to bring lacrosse to the people of Saudi Arabia.”

Reflecting the growth in interest and participation lacrosse is experiencing around the globe, World Lacrosse has welcomed seven new member-NGBs in the last 19 months:

Saudi Lacrosse Federation (June 2021)
South African Lacrosse Association (April 2021)
US Virgin Islands Lacrosse Association (November 2020)
Dominican Republic Lacrosse (August 2020)
Panama Lacrosse Association (April 2020)
Barbados Lacrosse Association (December 2019)
Lithuania Lacrosse (December 2019)

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