Hero Ball: Brad Smith aka The Stache


In Hero Ball, illustrator Alyssa March and writer Matt Hamilton reimagine your favorite lacrosse stars as superheroes (and maybe a few villains). Hero Ball is a section of of Free Play, a department in USA Lacrosse Magazine featuring puzzles, games, your artwork and more.

This article appears in the December 2021 edition. Join our momentum.

Brad Smith doesn’t want the citizens of Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, to know he’s the one that’s been defending them from Chaos. He’d rather blend in as an everyday lacrosse player, looking to help his team win.

Once he realized he would be noticed if he jumped into action, using his brute strength and lightning quick agility to save the day, he needed to find a disguise.

Luckily for Smith, his facial hair grew faster than any human on the planet, as if he was born to sport a handlebar mustache.

Thus, The Stache was born. With one quiver of his beautiful mustache, the star lacrosse player turns into a dapper do-it-all, lifting cars out of ravines, saving pedestrians stuck on train tracks and running to get groceries for the elderly.

How does he know when trouble is brewing? The Stache uses his monocle to see for miles, detecting citizens in need of help.

Don’t worry, The Stache is just one quiver away!

NAME: Brad Smith

ALIAS: The Stache

HEIGHT: 6’3”


SUPERPOWER: A tweak of his mustache turns Smith into The Stache, a dapper do-it-all.

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