Best of Lax: Best Personality


From left to right: Mira Shane, Trevor Baptiste, Sam Swart and Andy Towers all have larger-than-life personalities.

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Lacrosse is filled with larger-than-life personalities. Some are warm and welcoming. Others are a little louder.

And there isn’t anything wrong with that. Some of the best people in our sport are the ones who can command a room. They can rally people together in their own unique ways and create a welcoming team atmosphere. We honor those players and coaches here.

Here are the nominees for Best Personality.


For the lacrosse luminaries who can command a room.


They call her DJ MIRAcle. Shane, a Michigan graduate and Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse pro, has an infectious personality. It’s partly why Michelle Tumolo said she’s “probably been the brightest light here at the AU experience,” and “one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met.” You can learn more about Shane here in a feature written by Nelson Rice.


Baptiste has become a fan favorite ever since his days dominating the dot at Denver. The man they call “Speed Boi” has a wide smile that can brighten a room. He's a consummate teammate, too.


The bubbly Syracuse midfielder who has trained with the U.S. national team this summer was a rising star in the college ranks last spring. From her flashy footwear to her postgame chest bumps, Swart — who is also well-versed in TikTok — is quickly becoming a household name.


If you don’t know about Andy Towers, then we aren’t sure what to tell you. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

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