Apuzzo Teams With Arsenault, Looks to Stay Perfect After Monday's AU Draft


Dempsey Arsenault was Sam Apuzzo's first pick in Monday night's Athletes Unlimited draft.

Sam Apuzzo is getting used to this whole captain thing.

Apuzzo — equal parts crafty attacker and crafty team builder — is 6-0 through the first two weeks of Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse, making her a captain for the third time this summer. She’s No. 2 on the leaderboard behind rookie goalie Taylor Moreno.

Last week’s squad for Team Apuzzo featured a distinct 2022 U.S. national team vibe — but that’s not the case after Monday night’s draft. Boston College and U.S. teammate Dempsey Arsenault was Apuzzo’s first pick, but after that, she filled in her roster with a healthy mix of recent graduates and longtime talents.

Continue below to see the draft results for team captains Moreno, Apuzzo, Lizzie Colson and Amanda Johansen.


1. Lizzie Colson
2. Charlotte North
3. Kenzie Kent
4. Haley Warden
5. Katie O’Donnell
6. Katrina Geiger
7. Nicole Levy
8. Kady Glynn
9. Kelly McPartland
10. Sydney Pirreca
11. Aurora Cordingley
12. Kerrigan Miller
13. Sarah Cooper
14. Molly Dougherty


1. Taylor Moreno
2. Marie McCool
3. Ally Kennedy
4. Sam Geiersbach
5. Emma Trenchard
6. Alyssa Parrella
7. Scottie Rose Growney
8. Kyra Pelton
9. Molly Little
10. Mollie Stevens
11. Izzy McMahon
12. Ally Palermo
13. Mira Shane
14. Sydney Watson


1. Sam Apuzzo
2. Dempsey Arsenault
3. Lauren Gilbert
4. Lindsey McKone
5. Caroline Wakefield
6. Kristen Carr
7. Alex Aust Holman
8. Grace Griffin
9. Ella Simkins
10. Shayne Pirreca
11. Britt Read
12. Taylor VanThof
13. Paulina DiFatta


1. Amanda Johansen
2. Ally Mastroianni
3. Cortney Fortunato
4. Becca Block
5. Kelsey Huff
6. Halle Majorana
7. Meg Douty
8. Jill Girardi
9. Caylee Waters
10. Courtney Taylor
11. Amber McKenzie
12. Molly Wolf
13. Sammy Jo Tracy

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