Chris Bocklet Joins Paul Carcaterra on Season 4, Ep. 8 of 'Overtime'


Chris Bocklet’s life was forever altered in early January when he suffered a severe head injury in a longboarding accident in Delray Beach, Fla.

His memories of that day are blurry, as they are for the ensuing days when he was airlifted to an intensive care unit and stayed under 24-hour supervision for several weeks. Meanwhile, his family pondered whether he’d be able to speak again, much less remember their names.

Flash forward 26 days, and a dancing Bocklet was released from a rehabilitation center and began the process of getting his life back. Now months after his injury, the recovering process continues for Bocklet, the former Virginia star and Chrome LC player.

Just weeks ago, Bocklet could not have a long conversation without having to rest afterward. Now, he’s able to speak confidently and even work a few days a week. His recovery has been quick yet methodical, and he’s happy to reconnect with the lacrosse community once again.

Bocklet spoke with Paul Carcaterra about his journey to recovery and what lies ahead on Season 4, Episode 8 of the “Overtime” podcast. He walked through what he remembers from his accident, how he felt as the lacrosse community banded together to support him and what life is like now that he’s home.

To check out the inspiring episode, and to hear Bocklet’s incredible story, subscribe to “Overtime” and catch it as it drops on Wednesday morning on Apple and Spotify.

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