From the CEO: 4 Things to Look for From USA Lacrosse in 2023


This article appears in the December edition of USA Lacrosse Magazine. Join our momentum.

At press time of the December 2022 magazine, over the past 10 weeks, I’ve spent time with lacrosse leaders in 14 cities across 10 states from Massachusetts to California. Now what?

Here are four things to look for from USA Lacrosse in 2023.


Age classification (versus grade year) is finally here. It’s a policy whose time has come in our game. A critical mass of parents and program leaders want to secure nationwide adoption and implementation — particularly for 14U. We are refining the USA Lacrosse policy and working with organizations to implement it. In January, we will announce additional strategies and introduce products to easily conduct age verification through USA Lacrosse membership.


I’ve been encouraged by the recognition and desire by program leaders to adopt a more expansive, universal USA Lacrosse coach certification standard. Coach certification improves coach self-confidence, instills parental security and ultimately retains players because their experience is more fun.


Most people become USA Lacrosse members because their program requires it — often for insurance purposes. Our insurance program is among the best in the country. We hope you don’t need it, but if you do, you will be happy you are a member.

But there are many other benefits to membership you probably don’t realize you have, including access to our coaching curriculum; health, safety and performance resources; and an array of entertaining and informative content to guide you on your lacrosse journey.

Most importantly, USA Lacrosse membership means you are part of the lacrosse community. We will focus on evolving, improving and better communicating the value of USA Lacrosse membership.


Lacrosse and the dynamics around the sport are changing fast.

Technology platforms and the visibility of lacrosse have escalated. Private clubs and community programs are challenged to coexist and complement each other. Professional leagues are growing and establishing their market presence. The NCAA is reassessing its charter. Evolution in equipment technologies require consistent standards. The LA28 Olympic opportunity with the new Sixes discipline requires significant resources.

You won’t see what we do in a lot of these areas in 2023. But I can assure you we are working hard and smart to elevate our partners, fund access, support program sustainability and be a trusted, stabilizing force in the game of lacrosse.

Because that is what governing bodies do.

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