Coach on the Go With USA Lacrosse's Mobile Coach App

The newly redesigned Mobile Coach, a powerful tool designed by USA Lacrosse to help both new and experienced coaches, came out in January. Members can access all features of the app with select elements available for non-members.

Mobile Coach provides access to hundreds of drills that can used to build custom practice plans or coaches can choose from pre-built practice templates within the app to help get their teams ready for the season. A whiteboarding feature also allows users to incorporate their own drills. Practice plans and drills can be shared by coaches with their teams through email or text messages.

Mobile Coach now includes desktop functionality, although some features remain available only through the app. The new version offers advanced search and filter capabilities for game, age and athlete development stage.

The app is integrated with the USA Lacrosse e-learning portal, providing access to more than 500 online courses for members.

Existing users of Mobile Coach will either have the new version updated automatically or will be prompted to upgrade. New users can search the Apple or Google app stores and search for USA Lacrosse Mobile Coach. The desktop version can be accessed at 


This game uses triangle rotation concepts to create space, learn off-ball movement and keep the field balanced.


  • Stick protection

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Passing

  • Catching

  • Cutting


  • 4 cones to make a 5x5 or 10x10 box

  • 3 players per box


  • X1 starts with the ball, with X2 and X3 at adjacent cones.

  • Diagonal cone directly in front of X1 should be open.

  • X1 passes to either teammate and cuts through the middle to the open cone.

  • Player receiving ball stays put while other player runs to fill X1’s spot.

  • Repeat


  • Introduce the game without sticks. Use just a ball or even a football to get the players used to the movements without the frustration of chasing down a missed catch.

  • Add a fourth player.

  • Add an off-ball pick.


  • Finish with a shot on goal. (Figure out where the scoring opportunities are.)

  • Expand box to 10-15 yards and add defenders.


  • Passing and catching with your outside hand — the hand that is further away from the cone, mimicking keeping your body between the ball and the defender.

  • Cutting away from the ball (off-ball movement) to create space.

  • Replacing the open space to keep the field balanced and provide adjacent options.

  • Communicating with teammates effectively (giving direction to the offense).

  • If defense is added, reiterating critical scoring area defense (short steps, hip movement, low stance and lateral footwork), defending cutters, seeing opportunities for interceptions and clear communication.


  • Play the game in the midfield and/or around a goal.

  • Instead of shuttles/line drills, use PCR to warm up for practices and games while interweaving other lacrosse skills like ground balls, pass left/catch right, pass right/catch left, etc.

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