Take Me Back: Let's Do Lunch With Mikie Schlosser

Jamie MacDonald (right), 14, of Davis Youth Lacrosse in California interviews Mikie Schlosser.

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“Take Me Back” is a new series connecting today’s lacrosse stars with the next generation of players from their hometowns.

This month, Jamie MacDonald, 14, of Davis Youth Lacrosse in California interviews Mikie Schlosser — a DYL product who starred at Michigan, won an MLL title with the Denver Outlaws and is now competing for a roster spot on the PLL’s Waterdogs LC.

Mikie: Jamie, you let ‘em rip man. I’m actually sitting in the parking lot. We got a high school practice after this. You’ll be here in no time.

Jamie: Yeah, next year! I’ll just jump right into it. What got you started playing lacrosse?

Mikie:  It was the end of sixth grade going into seventh grade. At the time I didn’t really like playing team sports. I played a lot of golf and I was big into fishing. I went out to a couple of practices and at first didn’t like lacrosse because I was terrible at it. I decided to give it another try because I had made a few friends that were on the team. We’d throw around a little bit. I just really fell in love with it. I’ve played lacrosse every day since.

Jamie: Did lacrosse lead you into other team sports?

Mikie:  It did. That’s a great question. Man, you’ve got a future as a reporter if you want one. My junior and senior year I played rec soccer, AYSO.  I played varsity basketball my senior year. That was one of the best sports experiences, a really important one. Going back to square one playing basketball, being the last guy on the bench — it helped me become a better teammate on the lacrosse field.

Jamie: This is from one of my friends: What’s your favorite restaurant in Davis?

Mikie:  Oh man, I really like Zia’s Delicatessen.

Jamie: I don’t think I’ve ever been there. I’ll have to try it sometime.

Mikie: Aw, dude, we’ll go get lunch there one of these days. It’s on me after these good questions.

Jamie: That sounds awesome.

Mikie: Zia’s is definitely one of them. I like the Hotdogger a lot. Can’t beat it. I like Mikuni. They’ve got good sushi. And, oh, The Posh Bagel.

Jamie: I live on the other side. Noah’s Bagels is right down the street from my house. But Posh Bagel is always good when I’m downtown.

Mikie: It’s the best. Luan is the lady that runs the place. She’s awesome. Whenever you go in there, she’ll take good care of you.

Jamie: What are some of your best memories from your high school career?

Mikie: Davis does a big Break the Record Night. Our junior year, we were undefeated at the time and we played a big game against Piedmont. There must have been 500 people here. And everyone was on the sideline, all your friends literally on the sideline like just hanging out. We beat those guys, scored in the last minute to win.

Jamie: How about college?

Mikie: Our senior year in the fall, we ran The Big House. It’s the biggest stadium in North America. Every Wednesday, we’d go in and run every stair at 6 in the morning. It was pretty gnarly, but you never forget those moments when all the guys finally finish and you’re all sitting on the stairs trying not to throw up.

Jamie: My friend who is new to the game, his first practice was today. What is the most important skill for him to develop?

Mikie: Passing and catching is everything. It’s like breathing. If you can’t breathe, you can’t do anything else. We always preach keeping your stick vertical and cradling less.

Jamie: How do you as a professional player in the sport see where it’s going in the future?

Mikie: The potential is limitless. The biggest thing is making it more accessible. When lacrosse gets to the point that every school has equipment and the players don’t have to spend $400 — they can go to their local rec club and for the smallest fee possible get out there with gear —more kids will develop a passion for it.

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