Dynamic Warmup: A Look at Phase One of LaxFit

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Static stretching has gone the way of the dinosaur, as research has increasingly shown the performance and injury prevention benefits of a dynamic warmup. Phase one of LaxFit features these exercises, including this reference guide for coaches. Incorporate these at the start of practices and before games.


1. Set up cones 10-15 yards from the sideline.

2. Assign athletes in lines of three.

3. After performing the dynamic stretch for 10-15 yards, jog back to the sideline.

4. Repeat for all 10 exercises.

5. The full dynamic warmup should require 5-7 minutes.


1. Walking Knee to Chest
hamstrings, hip extensors

2. Lunge
hip flexors


3. Walking Quad Stretch
quadriceps, hip flexors

4. Frankenstein Walks


5. Elbow to Opposite Knee
core/trunk, postural control

6. Over-the-Gate (Hip Opener)
hip rotators and groin

7. Shuffle and Arm Swing
heart rate, later movement

8. Backpedal
proprioception, coordination/postural control, hamstrings/glutes/quads

9. Carioca
heart rate, rotation



10. Knee High to Stride
power, increase heart rate

Perform, Protect and Prevent

US Lacrosse announced Oct. 15 the launch of LaxFit, a standardized and comprehensive exercise and strengthening program meant to boost performance, reduce high-risk lacrosse injuries and promote healthy long-term athlete development.

Developed in consultation with medical experts at MedStar Health, the five-phase program addresses different muscle groups and body areas for lacrosse athletes. The initial rollout featured in Phase 1, focusing on lower extremities — including ankles, knees, legs and hips. All five phases will be available within the next 18-24 months.

1. Lower Extremities
2. Hips, Lower back, Spine
3. Shoulder Girdle
4. Head, Neck, Upper Back
5. Return to Play Protocol

The online course is free for US Lacrosse members. Non-members can access the training materials for $50. The first component, featuring exercises to prevent lower extremity injuries, is available now.

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