Warrior Unveils New Nemesis QS (Quick Save) Goalie Line


This article appears in the November edition of USA Lacrosse Magazine. Join our momentum.

The new Nemesis QS (Quick Save) goalie line is the latest in ball-stopping products from Warrior that is universal and approved for both the men’s and women’s game.

Highlighting the line is the QS goalie head that has seen a serious glow-up from its predecessor, the Nemesis 3, that launched back in 2018. Now made with an upgraded plastic material to enhance stiffness and an updated throat grip, the Nemesis QS head will help shut down any kind of shooter on the field or the box floor.

When stopping shots, goalies need to be able to rely on the strength of their head and trust that it will not bend backward. The Nemesis QS head is made with Therma-Loc+ Resin that helps eliminate backbend and provides consistency for outlet passing in all weather conditions. A normal head will lose up to 45 percent of its stiffness over its lifespan while heads made with Therma-Loc+ only lose up to 15 percent. Designed for consistency, reliability and durability, the QS is built to withstand the hardest of shots.

Aside from strength and consistency, goalies need a head that is easy to control with their top hand. The new throat design on the QS head is more ergonomic, allowing goalies to grip around the throat comfortably and securely with their thumb and index finger. More control means quicker and more accurate hands when attacking the ball.

To keep those quick and accurate hands safe, the new Nemesis QS gloves are designed to keep goalies protected and comfortable. New Lock Thumb+ technology provides best-in-class protection, flexibility and feel when handling your stick while Knuckle+ padding offers superior shock absorbing for critical protection of the mantle of your knuckles. The QS glove maximizes feel while providing protection where goalies need it most, so they only need to worry about tracking and stopping the ball.

You can grab the complete Nemesis QS stick in three different colors at your local lacrosse retailer starting Nov. 18 with the fully customizable QS gloves to follow later this year.

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