Warrior Era: Celebrate 30 Years of Innovation With Limited Release of Classic Shafts

It started basic with a gray prototype shaft used in the 1992 NCAA championship — a seemingly simple product that revolutionized the game of lacrosse.

Constructed with premium, aerospace-grade titanium, what became known as the Warrior Titan provided a lightweight, ultra-durable alternative to traditional aluminum lacrosse handles.

And that was just the beginning for Warrior.

Now one of the largest lacrosse equipment manufacturers in the world, Warrior continues to advance the sport with its commitment to innovation.

Following the Titan shaft in 1992, the company developed the Evolution (now the Evo) and Revolution lacrosse heads, redefining the way offset technology was used to manufacture sticks. In the early 2000s, the new Evo Pro would launch as one of the tightest heads on the market. At the time, heads were wider. Many players shaped and pinched their sticks to get better ball control. The Evo Pro was at the forefront of the tighter face shapes you see today. The Evolution line endures today with the Evo QX that launched in 2020 and the Evo QX2 set to hit shelves later this year.


Beyond the titanium shaft and the offset head, Warrior also created and patented the Warp technology — the first pre-molded lacrosse head that used a knit technology as opposed to more traditional mesh. Warrior introduced the technology in 2016 to make the game more accessible for players who did not have access to good stringing. The sticks are game ready right off the shelf and need no adjustments or maintenance. They became especially popular at the youth level, as beginners could focus more on mechanics without worrying about the strings on their sticks.

Warrior’s latest innovation — ISO Warp Mesh — also utilizes its patented knit technology. Whereas Warp sticks had molded-in pockets that couldn’t be changed, ISO Warp Mesh addresses one of the biggest criticisms of Warp — the lack of customization — with the benefits of Warp including the consistency and performance in all weather conditions. ISO Warp Mesh also provides superior hold and a smooth release.

Innovation is at the heart of who Warrior is. From the titanium shaft to the offset head and knit pockets, the company’s central purpose of improving the performance of lacrosse players on the field has never changed.

For more on Warrior, head to warrior.com/lacrosse.


To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Warrior is doing a limited release of three of their classic shafts: the Titan Pro (defense), Krypto Pro (attack) and Dolomite (attack).

Check your local retailer for availability.

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