The Smart Backstop Story

My name is Michael Rigoli, founder of Smart Sports Tek, Inc. As an inventor by trade, when I see a problem, my first instinct is to try to solve it.

I have two sons who played lacrosse starting at a very young age, and they liked to practice in our yard. All it took was a ton of lost balls and a neighbor’s broken window for me to realize I needed to invent a better backstop. I did my research, and the backstops out there were either too big and ugly or too flimsy to withstand the punishment of thousands of shots over time. I wanted a backstop that was part of the goal so when I moved the goal, the backstop went with it. It had to have wide coverage and be where it was most needed — at the front of the goal. It had to be rugged, and it had to be easily folded to store when not in use. I quickly realized if that’s what I wanted, then I’d have to make it myself.

Smart Design

After over a year and a half of development, the Smart Backstop® hit the market in March 2016 and soon established itself as the best backstop available. The latest GEN 3 version provides more than 16 improvements since the product’s launch, all aimed at best-in-class performance. Simply put, it’s the best lacrosse backstop in the world.

  • Built to last using the highest quality materials.

  • Installs in minutes with no tools and can stay on goal year-round.

  • Wide coverage at the front of the goal, not behind, so missed shots land in a condensed area for fast retrieval.

  • Fits all regulation goals including round and square corners and goals with net lacing bars.

  • Quickly folds behind the goal for convenient storage.

  • High gauge netting absorbs even the hardest shots.

  • Less fear of missing the goal means players are more willing to shoot for the edges and corners — the only way to quickly improve and build confidence.

  • Forward lean above the goal captures most bounce shots that miss.

  • Left and/or right net wings can be folded back to practice dodges from X.

  • Portable with optional Smart Duffel Bag for easy transport.

  • Optional Smart Shooting Target helps improve shot accuracy.


Practice Smart™

For me, the most rewarding thing about the multi-patented Smart Backstop® has been the feedback I’ve received from coaches, players and parents who own one. Parents who want to support their kids realize the value of Smart Backstop the minute their children start using it. Besides a stick, balls and a goal, having a backstop is an absolute must for productive (and less expensive) practicing. We’ve also had several coaches of teams at all levels — from youth to the pros — tell us their Smart Backstop® helped them create more efficient practices. It’s great to hear about the positive impact Smart Backstop® is having on our lacrosse community! Check out what they’re saying on!

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