Swax Lax Skill Sessions: Improve Your Game While at Home

This article appears in the May/June edition of US Lacrosse Magazine. Don’t get the mag? Subscribe today and support US Lacrosse. Kevin Meany is a boys’ lacrosse coach at the Morristown-Beard School (N.J.)

I’m a glass-half-full guy. Looking for opportunities is my default position, regardless of the circumstances. I came up with a few ideas to keep sticks in our hands and maybe even relieve a little stress during the coronavirus shutdown.


Walk through your split, roll and face dodges in front of a mirror. Concentrate on your stick position. Is your stick vertical? Is it close to your body? Are you hanging it on your hand change? These are all bad habits that can be corrected if you realize when you are doing them.

You can also do this in the yard while someone films you on a phone or tablet.


Work on your off hand. Work on catching cross-handed. Work on catching bad passes and hard passes. Or just have a catch and a conversation with someone whose company you enjoy (from at least six feet away).

Can’t find a partner? Use a rebounder or wall, put headphones on, enjoy some music and work on your stick.



I have a goal in my backyard, but if I did not, I would tip my picnic table over and shoot at that. Swax Lax balls work well because they don’t bounce, ricochet or rebound like rubber balls. Take shots you would take in a game. And more importantly, take shots your coach wants you to take.

Overhand. Change planes. A quick release is better than a fast shot. Do not hold the ball and allow the goalie to set his or her feet. Visualize. Pick out specific spots on the net to shoot at. Practice shooting from where you shoot in a game. Crease. Wing. On the run. If you can get someone to feed you, all the better.


Work on hand-eye coordination and stick control. Catch or switch hands behind your back. Balance the ball on your sidewall. Box fake. Be creative and have fun.

Swax Lax is an official training partner of US Lacrosse. Visit swaxlax.com for more training tips and the latest Swax Lax products.

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