Maverik Provides 'Pro Standard' with Ascent Pro


Molly Little shows off the Maverik Ascent Pro's new Hex Pocket.

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No matter your level, you deserve the pro standard.

With the Maverik Ascent Pro — complete with the new Hex Pocket — players experience a ready-to-go sweet spot with an intense hold throughout the whole channel.

Allowing for extra control, you can pass, dodge, and shoot confidently on the move. It also comes complete with Maverik’s lightest and strongest shaft to date. Built with carbon fiber, it has a soft, textured grip and an even, balanced weight.

Perfect for the versatile player, the Maverik Ascent Pro will help you level up and throw down in any position.

“The Ascent Pro has given me a hold in the sweet spot like I’ve never experienced. From day one, the stick was ready to go giving me a consistent, accurate, and powerful release.”

— Belle Smith, U.S. Women’s Sixes Team

“The fact you can go to the store, buy the Ascent Pro and play with it in a game immediately will give players so much confidence so fast and really help not only their personal growth but the growth of lacrosse.”

— Molly Little, U.S. Women’s Box Training Team

“The Hex Pocket allows you to be confident with the ball in your stick at all times. I definitely take more risks going to cage knowing that the ball is going to stay right where I want it in the sweet spot.”

— Kasey Choma , U.S. Women’s Sixes Team


  • Ready-To-Go Pocket

  • Intense Ball Hold

  • Lightest and Strongest Shaft

  • Ascent Pro with Hex Pocket: $274.99 Available on and local and online lacrosse retailers.

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