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When it comes to playing lacrosse, your health and safety comes first. Whether you are just getting into the sport or competing on a collegiate level, athletes of all ages can benefit from becoming familiar with common injuries and risk factors, preventive exercises and prophylactic bracing.


Athlete education on injury prevention and protection can be the difference between staying on the field or off on the sidelines.

First, rules are there for a reason. It’s important to respect these guidelines to ensure that the sport is played not only fairly, but also as safely as possible.

Additionally, it’s helpful to know which injuries you may be more susceptible to due to the nature of the sport. Lacrosse is considered a moderate-risk sport, but more significant injuries can occur. While head injuries like concussions do happen, the vast majority of injuries are ankle and knee ligament sprains, ACL tears and abrasions. Rest and strength training can help prevent some of these.



Your muscles need time to prepare and recover to help you perform at your best. USA Lacrosse understands the importance of proper training and conditioning, which is why it partnered with MedStar Health to develop LaxFit — a standardized, comprehensive program focused on increasing athlete performance, reducing high-risk lacrosse injuries and promoting healthy long-term athlete development.


While education and proper warmup can help reduce the risk of strains or sprains, there’s still a chance of sustaining an injury during activity.

This is where DonJoy comes in, offering a comprehensive range of bracing solutions and other medical devices. Some braces can help with prevention, while others can provide support during recovery from an injury. Consult your medical provider and contact product experts at 1-844-331-7767 for additional information.

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