Axia Time's Championship Ring Reimagined


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Winning a championship — whether it be a state, national or even world championship — is an incredible achievement. Dedication, sacrifice and team chemistry come together to produce a masterpiece of memories that last a lifetime.

For most teams, the celebration is not complete without a championship ring. But after the glow of the ceremony ends and the Instagram likes are forgotten, the ring sits on a trophy shelf or tucked away in a drawer, dusted off only for the occasional reunion.

While the championship ring remains a rite of passage, people are thinking differently about how they commemorate their magical seasons.

After winning their fourth state championship in six years, Jesuit Dallas wanted a more subtle, but still very special, reminder of its incredible achievement. Coach Chris Surran turned to AXIA Time founder John Kanaras, a former goalie at Penn in the 1980s.

“We could have gone the traditional way with the ring. But you can’t customize it. The colors are limited. The stones aren’t real. Plus, it’s too ostentatious — not something the players can wear every day. We’re lacrosse players. That’s not us,” Surran said. “When looking at the AXIA Time website, I thought it was a very nice product, and very classy, something to cherish more than a big gaudy ring. Plus, John was so easy to work with, very responsive, tremendous attention to detail.”

AXIA Time creates custom Swiss-made automatic watches that reflect each team’s unique style.  Options include perfect color matching and custom embossed dials, straps and raised or printed logos.

“I’ve never seen any company with so many ways to customize and do so with unbelievable quality, and at an incredibly reasonable price,” Surran said. “It’s not cheap but it’s not overly expensive. And for the quality of the watch you’re receiving, you’re getting a tremendous bargain.”

“When you do win a championship, you want it to be special for the families. I see all the players wearing them around. I don’t ever see any of the players wearing their state championship rings anywhere, ever. These watches — they’re classy, a little bit understated. You’d have to know what it is to understand the significance. I’m excited our players get to have that for the rest of their lives.”

AXIA Time. Watches that tell so much more than just time.

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