IWLCA Announces 2022 All-America Teams for Division I, II and III


Maddie Jenner set the single-season draws record this season and will likely set the career draws record next spring.

NORTHBOROUGH, Mass. — The IWLCA has named the 48 student-athletes who were selected for one of the 2022 Division I All-American teams — honorees are divided into first, second and third teams. 

This group of IWLCA All-Americans represent 19 different institutions and are the best athletes in our game this year.



A— Aurora Cordingley, Maryland
A — Lauren Gilbert, Northwestern
A — Charlotte North, Boston College
A — Jamie Ortega, North Carolina
A — Meaghan Tyrrell, Syracuse
DS — Maddie Jenner, Duke
M — Jill Girardi, Northwestern
M — Ellie Masera, Stony Brook
M — Ally Mastroianni, North Carolina
M — Belle Smith, Boston College
M — Cassidy Spilis, Rutgers
D — Abby Bosco, Maryland
D — Katie Detwiler, Loyola
D — Sam Thacker, Denver
D — Emma Trenchard, North Carolina
G — Emily Sterling, Maryland


A— Catriona Barry, Duke
A — Emily Hawryschuk, Syracuse
A — Jenn Medjid, Boston College
A — Taralyn Naslonski, Rutgers
A — Danielle Pavinelli, Florida
A — Livy Rosenzweig, Loyola
A — Kyla Sears, Princeton
DS — Kate Mashewske, Syracuse
M — Kasey Choma, Notre Dame
M — Sydney Watson, UConn
M — Jillian Wilson, Loyola
D — Meghan Ball, Rutgers
D — Mairead Durkin, James Madison
D — Sydney Scales, Boston College
D — Courtney Taylor, Boston College
G — Taylor Moreno, North Carolina


A — Bea Behrins, Denver
A — Ashley Humphrey, Stanford
A — Hannah Leubecker, Maryland
A — Emma LoPinto, Florida
A — Ashlyn McGovern, Virginia
A — Isabella Peterson, James Madison
DS — Aubrey Williams, Virginia
M — Olivia Carner, Duke
M — Kelsey Huff, USC
M — Emma Tyrrell, Syracuse
D — Cubby Biscardi, Duke
D — Sarah Cooper, Syracuse
D — Marge Donovan, Princeton
D — Emily Nalls, North Carolina
D — Ally Palermo, Northwestern
G — Arielle Weissman, Michigan


The IWLCA has named the 48 student-athletes who were selected for one of the 2022 Division II All-American teams — honorees are divided into first, second and third teams. 

The IWLCA All-Americans represent 21 different institutions and are the best athletes in our game this year.


A — Caroline Gastonguay, Rollins
A — Abigail Lagos, UIndy
A — Gianna Leduc, East Stroudsburg
A — Kyleigh Peoples, Regis
A — Lydia Rudden, Stonehill
M — Molly Bursinger, Grand Valley State
M — Emily Mitarotonda, East Stroudsburg
M — Angelina Porcello, Pace
M — Peyton Romig, UIndy
M — Emma Sullivan, Stonehill
D — Kara Antonucci, UIndy
D — Grace Guglielmo, Queens
D — MeKayla Montgomery, UIndy
D — Kayleigh Pokrivka, East Stroudsburg
D — Taylor Reich, Le Moyne
G — Eleanor Kast, Lindenwood


A — Sophia Conroy, Grand Valley State
A — Bridget Considine, Lindenwood
A — Kayla Conway, Pace
A — Rebecca Kinsley, Queens
A — Lizzy Lynch, Florida Southern
A — Christina McCabe, Adelphi
M — Keri Barnett, West Chester
M — Leah Knowles, Wingate
M — Kyleigh Masteran, Queens
M — Elizabeth Ninesling, Embry-Riddle
M — Hannah Stanislawczyk, West Chester
D — Kailey Broderick, Adelphi
D — Victoria Butler, Stonehill
D — Abby Hammond, Florida Southern
D — Danielle Waters, Tampa
G — Madeline Garvalosa, Mercy


A — Madison Bell, Roberts Wesleyan
A — Kiki Fitzpatrick, East Stroudsburg
A — Isabelle Grant, Adelphi
A — Sydney Hill, Lynn
A — Sarah Klein, UIndy
A — Murphy McDonough, Embry-Riddle
A — Jessica Meneilly, Le Moyne
M — Sydney Bracken, Queens
M — Hannah Krats, Regis
M — Sydney Meagher, Le Moyne
D — Grace Frasso, West Chester
D — Leigha Johnson, Grand Valley State
D — Makayla Kintner, Seton Hill
D — Maggie Sell, East Stroudsburg
G — Aryn Dorr, Catawba
G — Cassidy King, UIndy


The IWLCA has named the 57 student-athletes who were selected for one of the 2022 Division III All-American teams — honorees are divided into first, second and third teams. 

This group of IWLCA All-Americans represent 33 different institutions and are the best athletes in our game this year.


A — Jordan Basso, Gettysburg
A — Jane Earley, Middlebury
A — Olivia Lai, Wesleyan
A — Jennifer LaRocca, TCNJ
A — Ally Marino, Franklin & Marshall
A — Allie McGinty, William Smith
A — Erin Scannell, Salisbury
A — Allie Schwab, Washington and Lee
M — Anna Clarke, Tufts
M — Hannah Lorenzen, SUNY Cortland
M — Chloe MacDonald, York
M — Erin Nicholas, Middlebury
D — Erica Barr, Middlebury
D — Mary Pat McKenna, Franklin & Marshall
D — Caroline McKenna, Salisbury
D — Indigo Pellegrini de Paur, Wesleyan
D — Rachel Rosenberg, Ithaca
G — Emily Kitchin, Franklin & Marshall
G — Molly Laliberty, Tufts


A — Lilly Blair, Roanoke
A — Kiersten Blanchard, Hork
A — Gianna Bruno, Colby
A — Margie Carden, Tufts
A — Annie Eddy, Colby
A — Hannah Marafioti, SUNY Geneseo
A — Kelsey Winters, Christopher Newport
DS — Caroline Wise, Ithaca
M — Kate Balicki, Wesleyan
M — Delaney Hill, Salisbury
M — Roma Hladky, Haverford
M — Casey McTague, Denison
M — Katie Walsh, Fairleigh Dickinson
D — Emmy Bryden, York
D — Madison Lehan, Tufts
D — Eugenie Rovegno, Washington and Lee
D — Emily SChum, Scranton
D — Sarah Stark, Colby
G — Morgan Elmer, SUNY Brockport


A — Baylee Barker, Rhodes
A — Hanna Bishop, Washington and Lee
A — Rachel Delate, Messiah
A — Katie Fullowan, Gettysburg
A — Caroline O'Neil, Kenyon
A — Ally Tobler, TCNJ
A — Maizy Veitch, Ithaca
M — Fiona Bundy, Bowdoin
M — Gabriella Prisco, Endicott
M — Camryn Rogers, Stevens
M — Hope Shue, Middlebury
M — Isabel Silvia, St. Lawrence
M — Caroline Sullivan, Gettysburg
D — Emma Alpaugh, Trinity
D — Wayden Ay, TCNJ
D — Kate Immergluck, Pomona-Pitzer
D — Meghan Lane, Hamilton
D — Emma Parry, Nazareth
G — Allyn Lilien, Montclair State

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